I remember by Kathleen T. Sullivan

by Kathleen T. Sulllivan
I remember
Root Beer Floats on the fourth of July
Creamed  Tuna on Fridays
Luaus when the big kids came home
And poetry after dinner
The Perseids
Cygnus the Swan …
A Midsummer Night’s Dream
And struggling to see
The Little Dipper
Eggs and bacon
The Chronicle, the funnies, the editorial page
The back yard,
Mocking Birds, and Blue Jays
Nellie Gray
“Life is Rich”
“This is Ambrosial”
And “For Pete’s sake”
I remember
Dinner at Grandma’s
Canned peaches and cottage cheese
High Balls and smoke rings.
Aunt Gertrude playing the piano
Making up sins on Saturdays
Ten “Hail Marys” and three “Our Fathers”
The Guitar Group on Sundays
Praying to St. Anthony
“If you don’t like it, do it yourself!”
“God damn it: Quit swearing!”
A skinny wrist and a shaking fist
Three purple candles
And one pink,
Presents on Christmas Eve
And Mass at midnight
The Stations of the Cross
Incense and bells
Giving up something, anything
For six weeks!
I remember
And chocolate bunnies
Colored eggs
And a new white dress
But mostly,
I remember you.
And I miss you

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