Perspectives on life!


Perspectives on life and taking charge of your depression

Can an individual take charge of their own life when depression is threatening your success in life?  When your thinking is negative and your physical and emotional energy are low what do you do to change your life?  It can be difficult but it is possible to change negative thinking and work on increasing your physical and emotional energy.

Developing an upward moving attitude is important.    If we assume that having a positive attitude about your life is in an upward direction then a negative attitude about your life would be in a downward direction.

What is attitude?  Attitude is how we think and make a decision to feel about something.  We can have a positive attitude, a negative attitude, a hopeful attitude or a pessimistic attitude.  Each of us can control our own attitude.  We can view the world as a glass half empty or a glass half full.  These two perspectives are diametrically opposed to each other.  Attitude alone won’t eliminate depression but an upward moving attitude, having hope will start the movement away from depressive thinking.

Steps to developing an optimistic attitude:

-check out your health habits, eating, sleeping and exercising, improve them;

-begin your day with positive thoughts; have a book or website available with positive attitude quotes to bolster your thoughts for the day;

-make yourself smile as many times as possible in a day;

-when you feel yourself slipping take a break;  take a short walk, eat a small piece of dark chocolate, boost the endorphins in your brain;

-choose to interact with people with positive attitudes about life;

-stay away from Debbie Downer type of people;

-set a daily goal and achieve it, it can be a small goal;

-set longer time goals, write them down and write the steps you will need to take to achieve the goal, review them often;

-note how you feel when you take these steps;

do things for others;   join a cause such as a cancer walk, a food drive or volunteer at a homeless shelter;  helping others makes us feel better about ourselves.

-go to church or if you don’t belong to one find a church;


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