Sadness! Grief!


Sadness!  Grief! Loosing a parent, even an 82 year old parent who has lived a  good life is sad and painful.  How do you resolve the pain?  Maybe first, you let yourself feel the loss.  A loved one’s life and death deserve our touching the pain of loss.  “It makes your heart hurt.”  A quote from my daughter as a child when her kitty died.  How much more we feel when a beloved person leaves us.  Faith helps, prayer helps.  The rituals of visitation and funeral are important.  These rituals let us remember and respect the life of the lost beloved one.  Telling stories and sharing memories of the person lost help us remember and respect the life of another.

Loneliness comes sometimes after the rituals.  We can be  lonely for the one lost to death.  It is important to move out into the world and share your grief and seek new connections.  Filling one’s life with worthwhile activity and relationships help us go on though nothing takes the place of a lost one.

Seek God.  Activate your faith.  Open yourself to new experiences.

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