What Your Marriage Counselor Doesn’t Want You to Know!

If you knew
these things, you wouldn’t need a marriage counselor, would you? This insider
info comes from psychologist Karen Sherman and from psychotherapist Wendy Allen,
Ph.D., author of How to Survive the Crisis of an Affair.

  • Sixty-nine percent of all arguments between you and your partner will never
    be resolved. So don’t try so hard.
  • A couple that doesn’t fight is in trouble.
  • Having a “good enough” marriage is the
    most couples can expect and is actually quite an accomplishment.
  • Letting go is sometimes better than discussing everything to death.
  • Respect, not sex or money, is the most important factor in a happy marriage.
  • There are marital breaches worse than an affair.
  • A therapist cannot teach, train, or guide you to “be happy.” That is not a
    reasonable outcome to expect from therapy.

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