good words by Richard Luck

Thinking positively instead of
negatively can make the difference
between success and failure in any
part of our lives.

The mind finds what it is looking

If we have a positive outlook we
expect good things to happen to  us…we  anticipate happiness, joy,
good health,and a positive outcome
to every situation.

A lot of people think that
searching for a positive
attitude is a lot of bunk but the
idea is gaining more popularity as
more and more books are written,
lectures are given and courses are
offered that support the positive
attitude theory.

Youve said to others and  been
told yourself to “Think positive”,
havent you? Most people dont take
the works seriously because they
dont understand what it really
means and dont consider it to be
useful of practical advice about a
given situation….it is. A positive
attitude brings brightness to your
eyes, gives you more energy and
makes happiness shine from your
whole being. It broadcasts good
will, happiness and success.

Even health is affected in a
beneficial way. A positive
attitude makes you walk tall and
your voice is more powerful. Your
body language shows the way you
feel inside.

So, how does one acquire this
positive attitude?  Do you just
have to be born with it? No, one
doesnt have to be born with it. Its
possible to learn how to have a
positive attitude and to gain all
the benefits that a positive
attitude will provide.

You just need to be willing to
work at it if you didnt inherit
the gene.

Lose that negative attitude that
keeps whispering…”it wont work”.
It WILL work.

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