Into the Unknown

Kathleen T. Sulllivan
Into the Unknown
In the letting go
There is laughter and dance.
 A piano with broken keys
That we still play. …
A song, a chord, a note,
A chorus of penetrating glances
Whirling In circles, in rhythm,
Through time.
 In the letting go
There is introspection and isolation.
 Fumbling down halls
And into rooms
Littered with cardboard boxes.
Books and china,
 Poetry and religion,
Raw argumentation.
Gingerly I touch
Every contour,
Every edge: jagged or smooth.
 My fingers pass over each moment
Of a life known to me.
Each item, once caressed is set aside.
 Released one by one,
Are the objects, the feelings,
The beliefs, and the voices
 That contributed to who I was to become
 In the letting go
There is little solace,
 Only focused navigation Into the unknown.

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